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June 17, 2019InformationNEW
Jun 23 (Sun) 15:00, Prof. Junichi Takagi had a talk session at the 5th Workshop on “Industrial Development and Structural Biology” in Kobe.
March 27, 2019InformationNEW
We renewed our website.
December 20, 2018InformationNEW
Our Company entered into a sublicense agreement with PeptiDream Inc. (TSE First Section: Securities Code 4587) concerning a part of the patent for the drug discovery platform system: PDPS (Peptide Discovery Platform System) technology.
August 31, 2018Information
Our company entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with applicants’ the University of Tokyo and Osaka University at the end of August 2018 for two patent applications that are the basic technologies for the LassoGraft Technology®.
October 1, 2017Information
We signed a collaborative research agreement with the University of Tokyo and opened a laboratory at Komaba Open Laboratory in the Komaba II campus of the University of Tokyo.
June 27, 2017Information
Our company was founded through the corporation establishment procedure.