MiraBiologics Inc.



We bring the “Miracle in medicine” for a better Future/Mirai to the lives of people.


Through the development of multifunctional biopharmaceuticals Neobiologics, we embody our mission, to grow as a global company, and contribute to the medical care of mankind utilizing the technology based on our own new concept.

Origin of company name

“Mira” of MiraBiologics Inc, was named from Mira meaning “Future (Mirai in Japanese)” and also meaning “Miracle”. We use LassoGraft Technology® to innovate the field of biologics.

Company Profile

Company name
MiraBiologics Inc. (ミラバイオロジクス株式会社)
Komaba Open Laboratory 5th Floor, 4-6-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Date of establishment
July 27, 2017
435.15 million yen
Representative Director, President
Masuhiro Kato, Ph.D.
Ten members

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Recruitment information

We are currently recruiting very talented and motivated researchers who can support our vision. We are seeking researchers with a wide range of expertise throughout the year, such as genetic engineering, protein engineering, protein expression, purification and cell culture preparation. Especially those who have established monoclonal antibodies by themselves, whichever the nationaligy is, are most welcome and would like to encouraged to apply.